Come visit us

TheCube Archive is accessible by appointment only, and all the garments and accessories are available for rental. We believe in the importance of a tailor-made experience, which is why we prepare for every appointment by revisiting the selection offered in the showroom, making sure that each visit is a unique and personalized experience for every client. If you are interested in something specific or if you are looking for a selection that matches the mood you are currently working with, please let us know and we can make sure to let you find a focused selection based on your input.

Work on location

TheCube Archive also gives you the possibility to work directly on location with your team. Based on how long you will be joining us, we can arrange all the work tools you might need. Not only will you find all categories of garments and accessories, we also have vintage reworked with modern technologies, special unique capsule pieces, plenty of fabric books and vintage magazines. And of course, hosting you for lunch will be our pleasure.

Whether you need with transportation from and to the airport or the train station, advice on where to stay, or tips for amazing restaurants, we’re here to give you a hand.

Want to be inspired?
Make a digital
appointment to dig
into our exquisite

Are you and your company far away, and can’t come physically? No problem! The very first step and important step of this process is to indicate to us what it is that you are looking for, what kind of styles, what category of garments or accessories, and most importantly; what mood. Based on your brief we will prepare an abundant selection for you to revise during our videocall. Once you’ve made your selection we can ship it to you.

TheCube Archive as your office for the day

TheCube Archive offers a space of over 500 square meters, spread over two floors. The first floor is dedicated to the archive, and is equipped with everything you need to select your favorite items. During your visit, in addition to the possibility of consulting garments, accessories, historical magazines and fabrics, you can go to the second floor, a multifunctional working space. A flexible workspace that allows us, on request, to personalize your visit by providing working stations, a meeting room, a professional photo set, TheCube Cafe for a break from work, and the possibility of renting the space for private events.

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