Diario di un Lockdown

DIARIO di un LOCKDOWN. March 8th, 2020 – August 31st, 2021 by Stefano Chiassai is not just a book. It is a gallery of thoughts. On white sheets of paper, Chiassai has “engraved” words, lines, figures, geometries, patterns and bodies. He transformed the fear of the Coronavirus into the chance of getting to know and dwelling on boundless beauty. He picked up his old passion, drawing, and started documenting what was happening. An introspective journey, with no predetermined direction, which has now become a book.


A book about the story of a collection born to become a creative laboratory. With this project, Stefano Chiassai sought a new way of seeing the iconic blue fabric, transporting it to tailoring: from a fabric for the casual world to raw material for a new concept of masculine elegance. The book is divided into ten chapters in which the designer tackles different design methods, combinations of materials and explores new concepts of forms.


The second book by Stefano and Corinna Chiassai, is an anthology of new outfits, an expression of the contamination between eras, styles and trends that have followed one another in the history of fashion. Through the looks presented, the volume recounts a process divided into three sections – Jacquarding, Uniforming, Sporting.


The archive becomes an inspirational book.
An unexpected idea comes when Stefano Chiassai, walking through his Archive, saw a CAOSORDINATO, made up of 15.000 fragments of his personal and professional history.
The CAOSORDINATO idea was developed in close collaboration with his daughter and fellow fashion designer, Corinna Chiassai.

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