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How it works

You can start your research in our digital archive choosing between garments and accessories, using our filters below. You can search based on a specific category, or you can get inspired by our proposed themes. Also, it is possible to search based on keywords.


Rent the garments

Are you interested in renting the garments and/or accessories from our archive?

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create your account
Step 2: Put your selection into your item list
Step 3  Select your rental period (extensions are possible)
Step 4: Send your rental request(*)
Step 5: We will be in touch shortly!

(*) The final amount to pay is not visible on our website since the price varies depending on length of rental period, amount of items and shipment location.

In general, the price range per item is as follows:
Vestiaire: from 50 to 250 euro per month.
Accessories: from 40 to 125 euro per month.

What does the gem below some garments represent?
Inside the Digicube, you will see that some items have a violet gem in their description. This means that this item has a higher value, because of its historical value, a special fabric, or a specific brand. This also means that the rental price will be higher.


Buy a download plan

Every garment and accessory you see on our website, has been photographed into detail as well. Besides rental of the garments, we also offer the option of download all pictures we have carefully selected of a garment. Per garment there will be between 5-10 pictures, depending on its complexity and/or presence of noteworthy details. The pictures will always include high definition pictures of the front, the back, a cropped front and detail shots. If you have downloaded the pictures and you are missing a certain picture, please contact us and we will shoot it for you and send it over!

Here’s how to start your downloads:

  • Step 1: Create your account
  • Step 2: Select your download plan
  • Step 3: Select the garments you’d like to download the pictures of
  • Step 4: Click the download photo pack button and your download will start!





Our monthly themed inspirational capsule release

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