Art Direction

Communicating your brand and capturing the audience’s attention in the competitive world of fashion is essential. And we’re here to help you with it! As art directors, we translate the vision of a brand into visually compelling images and videos for all your communication outlets. Our goal is to create an engaging narrative that reflects the brand or collection’s identity by guiding and coordinating all creative aspects of a campaign or a photoshoot. We work closely with our team of stylists, photographers, video makers, make-up artists, and other professionals to ensure that each element contributes to the desired message. And of course, our entire archive resources are put at your disposal.


Not only do we have over 20.000 amazing garments and accessories, we know how to put them together as well.

With our experience in fashion, be it fashion design, styling or having spent many years working on set, we have built an expertise. By using our archive, a mix of well-researched vintage pieces, together with timeless, modern and unique items created by us, we curate and create visually appealing outfits to elevate your brand’s identity and aesthetic.


In fashion shoots, its success depends on a strong production: well organizing and managing logistical details ensures that the creative vision is translated effectively into captivating visuals.

Our support includes coordinating schedules, securing locations, managing equipment, time tables, and overseeing the overall execution of the shoot. Luckily, you found the TheCube team, where we offer a mix of creatives and…serial organizers. You’re in good hands.

“We translate the vision of a brand into visually compelling images”

TheCube as your shoot location

TheCube is a perfect shooting location, and while shooting here you will have instant access to this plethora of garments and accessories. Together with a team of experts that know the archive like their back pocket, this can make the difference. TheCube has the perfect set up for photoset, make-up area, fitting and changing area, kitchen, and many props and different photogenic areas where you can shoot.


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