TheCube loves music

This is why we have created TheCube xArtists: image consulting, image creation and styling for artists. Whether you are still emerging, or already have a set career, how you dress can make the difference.

Artist often need to adapt their look based on the event or the occasion (it could be a special concert, video clip, TV performance, photoshoot, you name it), this is where we can help.

Brainstorm fun

We ask the artist or group to send us images they love, or a list of people they admire, a style they’ve always wanted to have, to understand their taste, ideas and style. After having analyzed the artists’ already established look and esthetic, we start putting together look options that we feel are aligned with the artist. We will put together multiple options of looks, to then decide together which is the best fit and outcome.

Merchandising and personalized looks

Also, in collaboration with Stefano Chiassai Studio, it is also possible to create, design and produce personalized merchandise, or create one-off garments for aforementioned special occasions or events. If you’re interested, do get in touch!

Together, we create

There will be a fitting moment here at TheCube Archive, which is very important to make the final decisions, and ensure the clothes fit the artist, in every sense. Straightaway, we will take the opportunity to shoot the looks with the artists, and send them on their creative way, with personalized and unique looks made out of garments from our archive, which will be rented for a certain period.

“We create the outfits, you make it uniquely yours”

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